Awards and Prizes

The John Masefield Prize

Information about this prize can be found on the following page: John Masefield Prize

The Dublin Prize

The Dublin Prize (established 1892) is next available for award in 2017. The conditions for the award of the Prize as set out in Item (3) of the University Trust Records UTR6.72 - Lesser Awards

"Donor: Subscribers to a fund to celebrate the tercentenary of the University of Dublin. The prize was awarded in 1967 and is thereafter awarded quinquennially by the Academic Board on the recommendations of a committee of five appointed by it. The prize is open for award to students and graduates of the University for an outstanding contribution to Art, Music, Literature or Science and consists of the net income of the fund for the preceding five years."

Information for applicants

This prize is awarded every five years.


This prize is open to:


The prize will be determined by a committee of five members appointed by the President of the Academic Board.


Applicants must submit all documents at the same time. Applications are to be sent electronically or in hard copy directly to the Academic Secretary by the nominated closing date. Late applications will not be accepted.
Application documentation must not exceed four A4 pages comprising
1. the letter of application which argues the case for an outstanding contribution;
2. a brief CV;
3. any other supporting documentation; and
4. applicant’s contact details including their current mailing address and;

Applications that do not comply with the above requirements will not be considered.

Submitting applications

Applicants may submit their application electronically. Applications should be submitted electronically to the Academic Secretary at or in hard copy to:
The Academic Secretary
The Academic Governance Unit
1st floor Raymond Priestley Building
University of Melbourne
VIC 3010

Awarding of the Prize

The judges' decision will be final and the University reserves the right not to award the prize in the event it is considered that no work of sufficient merit has been submitted. Applicants should note that the University of Melbourne reserves the right to publish the names of the recipients on its websites and other University of Melbourne publications.

University Trust Record:

UTR6.72 (3) - Lesser Awards

Previous Recipients of the Dublin Prize

Year Recipient Field/Work
2012 Professor Patrick McGorry
Dr Ruth Bright
Youth Mental Health
Music Therapy
2007 Not administered
2002 Ronald Farren-Price Music
1997 Not administered
1992 Not administered
1987 Chris Wallace-Crabbe Literature
1982 Not awarded
1977 Vincent Buckley Literature (Poetry)
1972 Geoffrey Blainey History
1967 Sir Keith Hancock History - ‘Smuts: The Sanguine Years’
1946 H C Corben
1941 B C Fitpatrick
1933 A G Scholes ‘Education for Empire Settlement’
1929 C Daley ‘The History of Flora Australiensis’
1927 D H Rankin A History of Education on Western Australia
1925 S H Roberts ‘The History of Australian Settlement’
1924 C W W Webster Poetry - ‘Between Two Worlds’
1923 E Sweetman ‘A History of State Education in Victoria’
1922 Sir Neil H Fairley ‘Complement Fixation Reaction in Hydatid Disease’
1921 W H Downing ‘To the Last Ridge’
1920 K T Henderson Khaki and Cassock’
1914 J A H Sherwin
1913 Bernard P O’Dowd
1912 J McKellar Stewart