Working for the University of Melbourne means working in a dynamic world class organisation. The program will provide you with the tools, skills and support to accelerate your professional development and to kick-start your career at the University. There will be opportunities for you to find a permanent, on-going role after the program.

Our Roles

Roles in the program develop broad technical and professional skills in a variety of professional areas such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Procurement, Research Services and Student Services with the opportunity to do placements in other business areas as part of the program. You will contribute from day one with responsibilities in a real team to challenge and develop your skills.

Development & Support

There are a number of activities designed to assist you with transitioning into work and growing your skills professionally and outside of work. These include:

  • Orientation program to introduce you to your peers, managers and new working environment
  • Cohort activities to benefit from each other’s experiences, ideas and feedback
  • Leadership lunches with University senior leaders, to gain understanding on how they built their careers and their current role
  • Learning events to develop critical skills
  • Career mentoring in the second year to provide you with guidance in preparing for your next steps
  • Assistance in finding an on-going role after the program within the University

Graduate Profiles


Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson exudes energy and passion as she talks of the pride she feels being a part of the University of Melbourne. Amy completed her Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management, and then successfully gained a place on the Melbourne Early Career Development Program, where she says she has formed strong friendships with fellow graduates.

Aligning with her values, Amy says working at the University has given her the opportunity to explore the many different roles offered in a large organisation. Her first rotation was with the Engagement and Marketing team at Melbourne Law School, where she supported the Marketing Coordinator with the delivery of promotional material and various events. Her knowledge of event management and marketing was further enhanced when she was given the opportunity to work with the University’s Events team and Print & Design team. She credits this rotation with having ignited her passion for large scale events and working with the major events staff “was such an energising experience”.

In her final rotation of the program, Amy was placed in the Student Advice team where she realised what role she wanted to pursue after the program. “Meeting with students in my third rotation made me reevaluate where I was hoping to end up after the program. I realised I wanted to be directly involved in the student journey, so I sought out roles in the Future Students space”. Having now completed the Graduate Program, Amy currently works in a faculty Future Students team, where she says she gets to do a bit of everything she enjoys, meeting prospective students, event management and liaising with staff across the University, including her colleagues in Marketing and Communications.

Amy is thankful to the Melbourne Graduate Program and the opportunities it has provided. “I have been mentored by senior members of the University community, worked within fantastic teams and developed a holistic view of a large organisation, all with the support and guidance of the other graduates. The program has given me the chance to align my interests into a career goal”.


Kenny Truong

Kenny Truong is passionate about continually challenging himself and learning as much as he possibly can to build on his experience and “establish a good, long-term career. I like to put myself out there and I let my managers know that.”

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce majoring in finance, Kenny commenced the Melbourne Early Career Development Program in Finance and Employee Services, getting experience in Research, Trust and Management Accounting which gave him “excellent knowledge of how finance systems work within a large organisation”.

In his second year, Kenny did a rotation in Business Intelligence and Reporting (BIR) after expressing an interest in working with data; “My knowledge of finance systems really set me up well to understand and work with all types of data across the University.” The University is very professional with high standards of excellence it provided great insights into the important measures for the University. Kenny successfully secured an ongoing role after his rotation in BIR, but not before spending his last rotation assisting different teams in the Faculty of Science (Finance, Research and Business Projects). “I really wanted to work in a faculty to get the full exposure of working at the University before starting in my ongoing role as a Business Intelligence Analyst in BIR”.

“My favourite aspect of my rotations was being able to influence the type of tasks I got to be involved in. It has definitely helped in my development areas and supporting a long term career that I am interested in.”

He values and enjoys networking with fellow graduates and those across the University. “I never realised how many people I would meet through the program and doing the rotations. I appreciate the network of people I know across the University, which will continue to grow as more graduates commence in the program!”