Benefits of Working With Us

Your Development

Supporting our people to reach their potential.

The University offers development opportunities for all staff, supporting them in achieving their potential and contributing to the provision of excellent teaching and research activities at the University of Melbourne.

For the University to remain one of the finest in the world, it relies on staff engaging in continuous learning and development.

The University’s Performance Development Framework (PDF) facilitates the discussion between staff and supervisors about staff development, with a range of courses on offer to assist with their continued development.

Career Development

Helping you find your pathway.

Career development is unique to each individual. More and more the nature of work is such that you will have a number of career changes or transitions in your lifetime. Sometimes these transitions may be planned and sometimes they may not due to personal circumstances, lifestyle choices, organisational change, and other factors.

The University of Melbourne assists staff at all stages of their career, providing advice, tools and assistance to help them achieve their career goals. A career development and transition toolkit is available as a reference for staff, as well as support for academic career development and mentoring within the University.

Support for Further Studies

Discounts of up to 25% for staff and their immediate families and provisions for study leave.

The University values ongoing learning. Therefore, we support and encourage our staff with their personal and professional development with further studies. We offer a substantial discount to staff and their immediate families in undertaking further studies at the University of Melbourne.

Additionally we recognise the need for flexibility, offering study leave for both Academic and Professional staff in their studies. The Special Studies Program (Sabbatical Leave) is offered to Acadmic staff and the Staff Education Scheme is offered to Professional staff.