Benefits of Working With Us


Employer contributions of up to 17%.

All employees at the University are entitled to superannuation benefits. The University contributes to UniSuper, the superannuation fund that is dedicated exclusively to employees who work in the higher education and research sector.

The University's contribution rate is up to 17% of a member’s gross salary depending on meeting the eligibility requirements.

Eligible staff can also elect to salary package their member contributions to UniSuper as well as any additional superannuation contributions to a complying superannuation fund.

Salary Packaging

Maximise your benefits through the Salary Packaging scheme.

Salary packaging, or Flexible Remuneration Packaging as it is also known, allows staff to change the structure of their remuneration package and take non-cash benefits in lieu of salary. Salary packaging has the benefit of allowing you the flexibility to tailor your remuneration package to best suit your individual financial and personal needs, as well as taking advantage of legitimate taxation laws to maximise your benefits.

Eligible staff are able to salary package items such as car parking, child care, electronic devices (including laptops and mobile phones), superannuation and more.

Staff Discounts

A glimpse of some of the savings on offer.

Staff members are able to receive substantial discounts on selected Microsoft software, and receive education pricing discounts on Apple Mac products from their online store or through Apple Resellers.

The University of Melbourne also offers employees and their  immediate families a substantial discount of up to 25% when undertaking courses offered by the University.

myki Commuter Club

Discounted annual transport tickets for staff.

The University of Melbourne is offering discounted annual myki cards for the metropolitan  transport system through the myki Commuter Club.

Continuing staff can elect to have the cost of the 365-day myki card deducted from their post-tax salary over a period of 6 or 12 months.  Fixed-term staff can also take advantage of this given that the remaining  period on their contract is more than the period they have elected to make the salary deductions.

All other staff can still take advantage of this saving with  full upfront payment of the discounted cost.

Car Parking

Park in one of the multiple car parks around the University.

Staff of the University of Melbourne are able to  apply for permits for one of the University's various on campus and surrounding  car parks.

Eligible staff are also able to salary package the cost of the parking permit.

Private Health Insurance Membership Benefits

Staff obtain 8% discount on Health Insurance with BUPA.

The University of Melbourne is a corporate member of BUPA, offering employees a discount of up to 8% off Health Insurance and access to a range of products. For more information contact BUPA directly, via

Recognition of Prior Service

Carry over your long service leave entitlements.

The University has agreements with certain other organisations for reciprocal recognition of service for the purpose of determining long service leave entitlements. These organisations are:

  • The Australian Public Service and those Commonwealth institutions recognised by the Australian Public Service;
  • The Victorian Public Service and those Victorian institutions recognised by the Victorian Public Service except hospitals and local government departments;
  • all Australian institutions of higher education; and
  • Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medical Research.

For more information please refer to Recognition of Service with Other Organisations under the Melbourne Policy Library.