Benefits of Working With Us

Benefits of Working With Us

Cultural Diversity

The opportunity to work in a culturally rich environment.

The University of Melbourne is committed to a diverse, harmonious community supporting all staff and students as they achieve a deeper appreciation of their own cultures, as well as greater cross-cultural understanding.

The University strives to create an environment where staff and students promote culturally inclusive behaviour and activities, ensure cultural differences are heard and explored, and actively seek to learn from other cultures.

For more information and events celebrating diversity visit the University’s Equity and Student Engagement website.

Disability Action Plan

Supporting equality of opportunity for staff and applicants with disabilities.

The employment of people with disabilities enhances diversity in the University’s workforce. It enables us to create work and learning environments that are ‘vigorous and adaptive’ and reflect the diversity of the broader, Australian society. By drawing upon the full range of skills and knowledge, professional and life experience that are available in Australian community, the University will be better placed to provide a rich learning environment for students, and to build a workforce that is equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Visit the Disability Liaison website for more information.

Environmental Sustainability

Our long term commitment and goal is being carbon neutral by 2030.

Targets have been set to achieve this goal, through dedicated staff, planning and innovative strategies. In addition to reducing our carbon levels the University has set targets for the conservation of water and electricity, as well as waste minimisation and promoting sustainable design in new buildings. The first Five Star “Green Star” rating is achieved in the Economics and Commerce Building. The sustainable design principles will also be placed in refurbished buildings.

As a staff or student member of the University of Melbourne you have the opportunity to contribute to reducing the University's carbon footprint.

Visit the Achieving a Sustainable Campus website for more information.

Family Friendly Policies

Achieving Balance.

The University is committed to providing fair and flexible conditions to staff, understanding that we all need to balance of a range of activities and roles in our lives. We offer family friendly policies for individuals that need increased flexibility, providing generous leave and working conditions.

These provide a basis for discussion and negotiation when family situations need more flexible work arrangements such as fractional and part-time employment, Reduced Working Week Scheme leave, flexi-time and more.

Leave for family reasons may be under the following policies including maternity, paternity, adoption, family, compassionate, bereavement and more.

Child Care

Two centres for the University community.

As a staff member of the University of Melbourne you can access two Children's Centres located in Queensberry Street and Swanston Street, as well as other University related services under Children's Services. Bookings (subject to availability) can be made on a full-time or part-time basis.

University staff may salary package their child care fees.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexible work options are available.

The University has well established policies and procedures that create opportunities for flexible work arrangements such as flexi-time, job sharing and home-based work in all levels and roles across the organisation, including management roles. These policies recognise that the provision of flexible work options is linked to enhanced organisational capabilities.

Staff Giving

Support the charities important to you.

The Staff Giving Program allows staff to contribute to certain external charities through payroll deductions. Some of these charities include Medecins Sans Frontieres, Oxfam Australia, Australian Red Cross and World Vision Australia.

The University also provides provisions for volunteer leave for staff engaging in volunteer services in the broader community.

For more information on Staff Giving at the University, as well as ways in which staff can contribute to certain University activities and initiatives, visit the Staff Giving website.