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The University of Melbourne aims to be one of the finest universities in the world. Growing Esteem is the University's strategy for achieving high regard and for making a distinctive contribution to society.

The Triple Helix metaphor describes the character of the University and the importance of its core activities — Research, Learning and teaching, and Engagement programs. These three strands of the helix are supported and enabled by our leadership and by our people, infrastructure, polices, planning, administration and resources.

The Triple Helix metaphor represents the tightly bound nature of our academic programs with each strand shaping and reinforcing the other.

Growing Esteem 2015-2020

Growing Esteem 2015-2020 is the next stage in the strategic journey the University has been on since 2005.

In 2005 the Growing Esteem strategy envisaged the University of Melbourne by 2015 as the leading university in the nation, with world-renowned research, a distinctive and graduate-focused teaching profile and a much-strengthened sense of connection to its many communities.

Growing Esteem 2010 confirmed the aspiration to be counted among the finest universities in the world, and identified the need for an in-depth review of research strategy, while also emphasising the importance of engagement in enriching and shaping research and teaching.

Growing Esteem 2015–2020 seeks to fully realise this vision, while adjusting elements of the plan in response to national and global change and increasing demand for research and education. It is supported by the University’s Engagement, People and Research strategies.

Watch the Vice-Chancellor discuss Growing Esteem 2015-2020 and the strategic journey that the University has been on or click here to read the Growing Esteem 2015-2020 strategy.



University Council

The University Council is the peak governing body of the University. Learn about our council charter, committees and governance framework.

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Academic Board

The Academic Board oversees the academic activities of the University including the maintenance of high standards in teaching and research.

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The Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Senior Executives are responsible for the strategic vision of the University. Their leadership ensures the University remains a viable, accountable and world-class institution. View the University's leadership structure.

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Organisational structure

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Committees and advisory groups

From research, infrastructure, engagement and student services to marketing, cultural collections and international relations - meet the Committees and advisory groups who contribute to University operations.