Learning and teaching

Learning and teaching, the second strand of Growing Esteem's triple helix, focuses on supporting students to learn through curriculum and through diverse campus environment, engage in extra-curricula activities.

In 2008 the University introduced the Melbourne curriculum, the most significant set of curriculum reforms in the University's history. The curriculum features six broad, three-year undergraduate degrees, characterised by both disciplinary depth and academic breadth. These Bachelors prepare students for direct employment or further study, whether in a professional graduate program or a research higher degree. This structure is designed to provide students with greater flexibility, both in terms of subject choice and the timing of vocational decisions.

Melbourne graduate programs differ significantly from undergraduate programs in their depth and level of specialisation, preparing students for specific professions or research studies. They need to address an increased diversity in student circumstances and therefore require flexibility in the University's mode of delivery.

The curriculum caters for students who enter University at undergraduate or graduate level from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of goals: those sure of their chosen path; those who have not yet determined their future vocation; and those who begin on one path then discover another.

The success of the Melbourne curriculum is dependent on the delivery of a high quality 'Melbourne Experience' to all students, combining research, learning and external engagement in a stimulating and advanced setting. Enhancing the student experience is an ongoing endeavour.

Chancellery (Academic & International) supports the realisation of the University's vision and objectives for learning and teaching. Visit the Chancellery (Academic & International) website for more information.