How can I get involved in #IWD2021?

Share Pursuit stories to your social accounts

Pursuit is running a week-long takeover series focussed on the early career women’s research at  the University of Melbourne. Read how these women are making a difference in the world with original investigation. Don't forget to use the tags! #IWD2021 #womenlead

Dr Dana McKay

Follow the Melbourne School of Government's  Twitter campaign from the Pathways to Politics program: What are you thinking about this International Women's Day?

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Attend an event

There are several events happening at the University of Melbourne, some public, some at faculty level. There are  also  many virtual IWD events being run across the country and worldwide. Have a look at what’s going on and sign up if any interest you.

Get educated

Find out more about the feminist movement and the fight for gender equality. Learn about intersectionality and the challenges faced by women of colour, trans women or women with disabilities. Read books by women from all walks of life, or get inspired by a leading feminist scholar and activist. IWDA is a good place to start finding out more about extraordinary women!

Educate your friends

Celebrate your favourite women, women leaders, or feminist achievements by shouting them out across social media using #IWD2021. If you want to make it more personal, thank the amazing women in your life for all they do.

Be deliberate in your choices

Have a look at your bookcase and see how many books were written by men compared to women (and here’s a blog to help you get started on balancing the books). How many women are in your music playlists? Own or run the shops where you pick up your groceries? Think about whether there’s a better way to support women through the media you consume or the products you buy.

Donate to your favourite feminist cause

There are countless groups working for gender equality or women’s rights, organisations doing everything from providing access to healthcare, shelter from violence, or lobbying for change. If a particular not-for-profit or advocacy group impresses you, consider helping their work with a donation.