Mr Doron Ben-Meir

Vice-President (Enterprise)

The Vice-President (Enterprise) is responsible for strategic development of the University of Melbourne’s Enterprise agenda, focusing on enhancing creative capacity in research and teaching, and understanding and enriching the potential of University people and settings.

In 2015 Mr Ben-Meir joined the University of Melbourne as the inaugural Executive Director of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation and CEO of University of Melbourne Commercial Limited, before being appointed Vice-Principal (Enterprise) in 2016. As Vice-President (Enterprise), he is responsible for the development and implementation of the University’s Enterprise Strategy.

Prior to joining the University, Mr Ben-Meir was appointed by the Australian Federal Government as the inaugural CEO of Commercialisation Australia in 2010 and, from 2014, was further appointed as the Director of the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme.

Over the past 26 years he has been involved in numerous venture capital organisations; has been a founder or co-founder of six start-up companies; and has been an investor, investment manager, and advisor to several other companies.

Mr Ben-Meir holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering from Monash University and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He is the Chair of University of Melbourne Commercial Ltd; a Director of BioCurate Pty Ltd and UM Commercialisation Pty Ltd; Chair of the University of Melbourne International Holdings Pty Ltd.

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The University of Melbourne
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Executive Assistant
Ms Anne Maree Healey