UMSU’s Queer People of Faith collective

A University of Melbourne student
2020 UMSU Queer Officer

As UMSU’s Queer officer, being visible and creating a safe space for those who are often invisible was of utmost importance. It was an honour to have started up Queer People of Faith collective and even more so to see people like us feel loved and included.

I still remember the first queer event I ever attended. I was nervous and afraid of being asked what my sexuality was only for it to be doubted. Coming from Singapore where the queer community then was still underground, and being a hijab-wearing muslim woman, meant facing scrutiny was the norm for me. Navigating faith and sexuality can be a difficult thing as they’re often seen to be two conflicting entities. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s a saying in Islam that goes: “Your spirit is perfect, your soul is perfect, your mind is perfect, your heart is perfect.” So, for anyone reading this currently dealing with hardship in accepting your sexuality, let this incredible newsletter and the people in it remind you this – you are perfect, you are loved; you are here, and you belong.