Aram Hosie

Speaking to the Star Observer, Aram Hosie described himself as a queer trans guy in his mid-thirties”. He and him pronouns work for him, though he also happily answers to they and them. He is a parent (of both the human and dog variety), a partner, a guncle, a community advocate and a very occasional model. Aram has worked for Equality Australia, the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission, and made a decision to be visible as a trans person in mainstream media to give hope to others and help trans and gender diverse people to feel less alone.

Aram said to the Star Observer “Don’t be afraid – it’s going to be alright. You’ll find people who will love, accept and want to have sex with you, and being trans is actually pretty cool and something you can come to be proud of. Be patient and enjoy the journey – it’s going to take you longer to really arrive in yourself and your manhood then you think, so give yourself time, and let it just evolve. You don’t have to “be” any particular way, you will find out who you are over time. Look after you – you’re actually not invincible and being visible, being involved in advocacy and dealing with other people’s shitty responses sometimes will add up and take its toll.”