New transport think tank to lead policy and innovation

Melbourne transport
Executives from government and private sectors are talking policy and change at the University of Melbourne.

More than 20 top chief executive officers and executives from government and private sectors involved in the delivery of transport services met for the first time at the Transport Executive Forum (TEF) at the University of Melbourne.

The TEF will provide a platform for government, the private sector and University experts to discuss Victoria’s emerging opportunities and issues in transportation.

Forum convenor Majid Sarvi, Professor in Transport for Smart Cities in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne, said the TEF will play a vital role in the formulation of transport policy, the implementation of new transport technologies and innovations at the local and State level.

“The primary function of TEF is to provide a constructive forum for the exchange of ideas and information between key stakeholders within the transport system,” Professor Sarvi said.

“The TFT will also provide an opportunity for the University to be informed of what government and industry need. Equally, government and industry will be better informed of what research the university is currently undertaking and what can be planned.”

Melbourne School of Engineering Iven Mareels is committed to working more closely with industry and policy makers.

“The TEF will work to establish long-term partnerships with major industries and the University of Melbourne,” Professor Mareels said.

"Transport strategists and researchers are calling for a new approach to manage growth and movement dynamics in Melbourne’s transport network.

“Our transport system is the cornerstone of an effective, resilient and liveable city. With recent budget announcements and plans for the future being tabled, there is no better time to start discussing the role of transport in Victoria.”

Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Head of the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, said he is committed to supporting significant research that focuses on infrastructure investment in transport programs.

“This reflects the strategic vision of the School of Engineering leading to 2025,” he said.

At the inaugural TEF meeting, a long term collaboration agreement was signed between the University of Melbourne (Transport Engineering Group) and PTV-AG, the global leader in transport technology solution provider based in Europe.