Screenwriting team win prestigious Government award for university teaching

Four University of Melbourne staff members have won a prestigious award for Programs that Enhance Learning for their course work in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Screenwriting).

Dr Annabelle Murphy, Ms Philippa Burne, Mr Luke Devenish and Mr Ben Michael received the award as part of the Federal Government’s 2017 Awards for University Teaching.

The Federal Government described the course as a pioneer in the design of innovative whole-student learning curricula in screenwriting programs in Australia.

University of Melbourne Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Undergraduate) and Deputy Provost Richard James congratulated the winners saying the award recognised their significant contribution to the quality of teaching and learning in higher education overall and underlined the high standards of education at the University of Melbourne.

“It is a thrilling recognition for an innovative educational team that highlights the University’s depth of teaching talent," Professor James said.

Simon Birmingham, the Minister for Education, said by providing students with the skills and adaptability required for the rapidly changing nature of the 21st century workforce, Australia ‘s strong education and training system serves as a cornerstone for continued prosperity.

“Great teachers can bestow great benefits on their students by inspiring a thirst for lifelong learning and inquiry, by equipping them with the ability and imagination to respond to changing circumstances in innovative ways,” Senator Birmingham said.