NGV Triennial: University of Melbourne ‘Voices’ bring research and art to life

Image of Triennial Voices exhibit in NGV.
Installation view of Triennial Voices space on display in NGV Triennial at NGV International, 2017. Image: Tom Ross

University of Melbourne thought leaders from five disciplines – arts, creative arts, engineering, medicine and architecture – have created research-based installations accessible online and via a specially designed exhibition space set within the heart of the NGV Triennial exhibition.

Using the five NGV Triennial themes – movement, change, virtual, body and time – and referring to the billions of voices that make up the global community, the Triennial Voices exhibit uses podcasts, texts, images and films to explore the diversity of today’s world and ideas that will shape the future.

University of Melbourne Vice Principal (Engagement) Adrian Collette noted that the University’s partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria on NGV Triennial provides a rich opportunity for the University of Melbourne to contribute research-led content to such a wonderful exhibition.

“Through the voices and practices of people working in fields like medicine, literature, creative arts and critical theory, our academics explore values that drive us, ideas that inspire us and issues that concern us deeply – such as the art and science of changing lives in the developing world through low-cost prosthetics," Mr Collette said.

NGV Director Tony Ellwood said the NGV Triennial was free and exclusive to Melbourne, featuring more than 100 artists and designers from 32 countries and including major presentations and installations that have transformed all four levels of NGV International.

“We are pleased to have partnered with the University of Melbourne on the NGV Triennial Voicesprojects, which expand on some of the many important questions and critical dialogues that emerge from the exhibition,” Mr Ellwood said.

Leading academics from the University of Melbourne invited creative and critical thinking University alumni, research students and others from their own global networks to contribute to Triennial Voices.

These thought leaders include: Dr Vijay Rajagopal with Professor Peter Vee Sin Lee (Melbourne School of Engineering), Associate Professor Justin Clemens (Faculty of Arts ), Professor Jane Davidson (Faculty of Fine Arts and Music), Professor Marcia Langton AM (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences), and Mr Paul Loh (Melbourne School of Design).

Triennial Voices is free and on display until 15 April as part of the NGV Triennial at the National Gallery of Victoria.