'Where We Stand' performance

The performance of DanceOn last Saturday night was part of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music's weekend of celebrating 40 years of VCA Dance, with a range of performances, talks and alumni reunions.

'Where We Stand' was one of four performances. While provocative, it was choreographed by a third-year dance student as part of an elective subject encouraging students to explore artistic concerns and take responsibility for the presentation of work.

The student performance included the delivery of factual information about the history of colonisation in Australia in the foyer and went on to consider how Indigenous people and people of colour have been excluded from society and history.

Both the experience in the foyer and inside the theatre were integral parts of the overall performance.

There are two more performances of Where We Stand as part of VCA Dance’s DanceOn 2018 program, ending on 14 June.

There is no plan to cancel the remaining two performances. Notices will be placed in the foyer on both nights advising patrons that the content of the first performance is culturally sensitive.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music follows a consistent process of careful discussion and final approval of student shows – and that was the case with Where We Stand.

Exciting, contemporary and, on occasion, challenging student work is something we encourage across all of the art forms taught and developed at the Faculty.