University statement on historical allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour

University statement
University statement about historical allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour.

The University of Melbourne is committed to ensuring that all staff, students and visitors are safe and treated with absolute respect whenever there is any interaction with people from the University.

Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell said that he is committed to tackling all forms of harassment head on. “This behaviour has no place at our university or in our society. We remain committed to stamping out any sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour from staff and students,” Professor Maskell said.

While the University does not comment on individual cases, it takes all allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour involving staff and students extremely seriously.

The University investigates complaints, using independent experts to assist when necessary, and takes action against individuals if they are found to be behaving in an inappropriate manner, and where appropriate, provides findings to complainants. There are strict policies to ensure campuses and workplaces are safe areas for staff, students and visitors.

The University has, and actively promotes, a range of support services through its Safer Community Program to help anyone that has experienced sexual harassment. The University continues to educate staff and students about the risks and dangers of inappropriate behaviour and harassment including through the “Respect Now Always” education and awareness campaign, aimed at making campuses safe.

The University is committed to continuous improvement and learning and is constantly striving to do better as an organisation and as a diverse community.

Students and staff who require support or would like to report an incident can do so via the Safer Community Program. Staff can also contact the Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour Line, an independent, confidential reporting service, by visiting