$7.6m in scholarships for students to live and study at country’s top University

Students on South Lawn
About one third of the University’s college students are supported by scholarships and bursaries.

Applications are now open to students for the University of Melbourne’s 10 Residential Colleges, with $7.6 million in scholarships and bursaries available.

The financial support on offer ranges from $4000 to $30,000 and is available to students living across the country wishing to attend the University of Melbourne.

About one third of the University’s college students are supported by scholarships and bursaries, joining the more than 2,500 college students hailing from Australia’s regions, cities and overseas.

For Bachelor of Science - Major in Data Science student, Harrison Langdon, a bursary eased the transition to University life in relocating from Darwin to Melbourne and living at Medley College.

“With the assistance of the bursary I have been able to put much greater focus into the college experience and interact with the college community,” he said.

“The routine and interaction with so many unique and awesome people is what makes college such a special experience.”

Despite this year’s COVID-19 restrictions pushing learning off-campus, students living in colleges continued their studies with little disruption and enjoyed the support of the college’s ‘corridor communities’ and COVID-19 response plans.

Living through 2021 at Newman College was an enriching experience for Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice) student Charlotte Goode.

“Despite living with more restrictions than I ever have, I was still able to experience the freedom and independence that moving out of home gives so many young people,” she said.

“I did not expect that the most enriching times would be during lockdown.”

For Hugh Conway, Ormond College has provided many opportunities to the Bachelor of Commerce student and former Shepparton local.

“Coming from a regional area, I had this preconceived idea that it is a place to sleep, eat and make friends. But to experience it firsthand, I have been able to cherish the options available to me,” he said.

Extensive academic support is another benefit to students attending college, including weekly tutorials at college to support the University’s academic program hosted by tutors who often also reside at the colleges.

College students also have the option to participate in 15 sports, debating, musicals, plays and a range of clubs and student-run activities.

Mya Jones, who moved from Horsham to live at Ormond College and study a Bachelor of Arts said “never before have I had the opportunity to indulge so many passions in one place. Not only did these clubs and societies offer an excuse to abandon study for a few hours… [they] gave me the chance to learn about other people’s opinions and eye-opening ideas.”

For Hamilton’s Matthew Behrendt, living at Newman College in 2021 provided a true “home away from home” for the Bachelor of Design - Mechanical Systems Major student.

“I did not expect to find people who I now consider to be as close as family. I knew I’d make friends, but to form friendships to this level has been nothing short of surprising, and it has been a wonderful surprise at that,” Matthew said.

“Being over 300km’s from home, this has been key to making me feel like I belong here. Finding a home away from home and giving me the support to complete my degree.”

Byron Bay local Kalani Knight said that a scholarship eased an interstate move to Melbourne’s Janet Clarke Hall to complete a Bachelor of Biomedicine.

“I did not expect to feel such a strong sense of place at college. This has completely changed my view of college as something far more than just catered accommodation,” Kalani said.

Dr Brenda Holt, Principal of St Hilda’s College and head of Melbourne’s intercollegiate network said it was impossible to put a price on the benefits to students joining a college community.

“Living at college makes the transition to university easier. Colleges are built around the dining table where students eat together and share everyday life,” Dr Holt said.

“Every night, something is on at college, often centred around a meal. Living in a fully catered college makes a huge difference to your own sense of connection and belonging.”

For more information and to apply visit https://www.colleges.unimelb.edu.au/how-to-apply/