6 May 2019 – ongoing
University Hall, Level 1

A display realised by Old Quad with thanks to The University of Melbourne Archives.

Viewing by appointment only.

Prodromus display references the storied history of the Quad, highlighting Frederick McCoy’s work in the Quad to publish his, Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria. Published between 1878 and 1890, this extraordinary publication aimed to illustrate and describe all of Victoria’s indigenous fauna. Featuring works by numerous artists, lithographers and naturalists, the publication includes texts and illustrations on 447 individual species. In order to create the Prodromus, McCoy engaged the best artists in the colony. Among them was Arthur Bartholomew, who was McCoy’s attendant at the University from 1859. Bartholomew produced many of the illustrations in this publication while working in what is now known as the Old Quad.

This display presents reproductions of key illustrations curated in the remarkable University Hall space. Also featured are two copies of the Prodromus, effectively returning copies of this publication to the site on which it was created.