Subject coordinator Dr Olga Maxwell writes: “As a result of the University going fully online for most of the year in 2020, and continuing with dual physical and virtual engagement in 2021, everyone had to adapt to online teaching and learning and look for creative ways to engage with the content. This page showcases the work of Academic English 1 students who visited the Multivocal exhibition virtually or physically, and had to make a short film about one of the exhibits. Their task was to select an object, research it, and make a video about it, talking about its characteristics, time period, and historical and cultural significance.

...This activity was originally designed to develop oral presentation and digital literacy skills, but virtually, it turned out to be much more. This was an opportunity to connect with other students and co-create, reflect on one’s cultural background and traditions, and learn about the multifaceted cultural heritage of Australia”.

Characteristics, Purpose and Use of the Hardanger Fiddle

Portrait of Ronald Farren-Price

Melbourne University Choral Society

Keyboard at the Con and Beyond

Introduction to Hardanger Fiddle

Introduction to Indonesian Gong