Consultative and advisory bodies

Traditional Owners and Elders Reference Group

Made up of senior representatives of Traditional Owners from the lands upon which our campuses are situated and other Indigenous Elders, this group advises the University on:

  • engagement with Victorian Aboriginal communities
  • cultural and community protocols
  • our Indigenous strategies including the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The University of Melbourne acknowledges and is grateful to the following Traditional Owners and Elders who have been instrumental in our reconciliation journey: N'arweet Carolyn Briggs, Paul Briggs OAM, Janine Coombs, Uncle Kevin Coombs OAM, Aunty Diane Kerr, Aunty Lyn McInnes, Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin, Aunty Loraine Padgham, and Aunty Sandra Smith.

Indigenous Strategy Advisory Group

Comprised of senior Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff from across the University, the Advisory Group is charged with:

  • providing advice on the alignment of the University’s Indigenous higher education priorities that span the Academic and International, Research and Engagement portfolios
  • facilitating the integration of Chancellery, University Services and Academic Divisional activities with respect to the University’s Indigenous strategy and programs
  • monitoring implementation and progress of the University’s Elevate RAP April 2018 – December 2022
  • providing a forum for the University’s senior Indigenous leadership to advance discussion of key priorities.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Oversight Committee

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Oversight Committee advises the Associate Provost on the implementation of the University's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Policy, which outlines the principles by which the University will manage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ancestral Remains and cultural heritage, including with respect to the built and landscape environment.

Terms of Reference:

  1. monitor the University's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Policy Implementation Plan and provide advice in relation to strategic priorities and resource requirements;
  2. ensure alignment of the policy and its implementation with the principles and goals of the University's Reconciliation Action Plan and relevant government legislation, including the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006; and
  3. advise on the development of protocols and procedures to provide University staff with practical guidance as to:
    1. their own and the University's obligations under relevant legislation, and;
    2. the overall management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage by the University and the central role of the VAHC in managing Ancestral Remains and secret or sacred objects