Indigenous research in the digital space

Living Archive of Aboriginal Art

Investigating the idea of a digital ‘living archive’ where Indigenous artists can connect their work in ways reflecting Indigenous worldviews.

Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration

While not specifically digital the ISRC has a number of researches crossing into this space - this Collaboration project explores the challenges that lie at the heart of relations between Indigenous and settler Australians.

Hearing Histories of the Western Pilbara

Hearing Histories of the western Pilbara investigates how public song traditions have been and continue to be used as tools for managing social, cultural and economic change among communities of the Pilbara.

#thismymob: Digital land rights and reconnecting Indigenous communities

The ThisMyMob study is the first to apply the framework of Postcolonial Computing to guide the design and leadership of a national-scale, Indigenous-led technology development project in Australia.

What's ya Story: The making of a digital storytelling app with Aboriginal young people

This research project examined the implications of digital technology for the management of cultural knowledge.