By embedding Indigenous cultures and knowledges in our learning and teaching, research and engagement initiatives, we promote an understanding of, and respect for, the traditions and perspectives of the many nations and language groups that make up Indigenous Australia.

Dr Jared Field joins ABC Top Five Media Residency Program

Mathematical Biologist Dr Jared Field is one of five Australian scientists chosen to undertake a two-week residency at ABC Radio National.

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Staff profile: Jack Stevens

As an Indigenous Student Success Officer working in Murrup Barak, Jack Stevens finds joy in not only being able to give back to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students but being part of

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Photo: Sarah Fisher/University of Melbourne

National Reconciliation Week

Photo: Paul Burston/University of Melbourne

Ancestral Memory Exhibition

Photo: Christian Capurro

Dungala Kaiela Oration

Photo: Peter Casamento

Narrm Oration

Photo: Peter Casamento

05 Oct 2020 | PURSUIT

Australian literature’s great silence

A new University of Melbourne study says we must question the very white stories told in our classrooms and the lack of Indigenous authors in the curriculum.

30 Sep 2020 | PURSUIT

The time is now for Indigenous design equity

Indigenous Australians have long been architects, engineers and land managers; a University of Melbourne expert says that wisdom must help tackle climate change

22 Sep 2020 | PURSUIT

Always was and always will be Aboriginal water

Australia needs to have a serious discussion about Indigenous water rights and Indigenous Voice in water management, say University of Melbourne experts.

09 Sep 2020 | PURSUIT

Is Our Story respected and valued?

Dr Lois Peeler AM explores how respect for Indigenous knowledge could change Australia in the annual Dungala Kaiela Oration with the University of Melbourne.

27 Aug 2020 | PURSUIT

Reconciliation and the Anglo-Australian Football League

A University of Melbourne expert says racism experienced by footballer Robert Muir highlights that the AFL's support of reconciliation remains a question mark.

19 Aug 2020 | PURSUIT

The mathematics of evolution

Dr Jared Field’s work in mathematical biology is working to understand real-world issues – and has landed him in the ABC's Top 5 Media Residency Program.