By embedding Indigenous cultures and knowledges in our learning and teaching, research and engagement initiatives, we promote an understanding of, and respect for, the traditions and perspectives of the many nations and language groups that make up Indigenous Australia.

RUIL awards the inaugural Leary Trust for Australian Indigenous Languages Award

The Research Unit for Indigenous Language has awarded Dharug woman Tula Wynyard the inaugural winner of the Leary Trust for Australian Indigenous Languages Award.

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How we can apply lessons from 120,000 years of cultivation in Australia to modern agriculture

Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences Melbourne Enterprise Professor (Indigenous Agriculture) Bruce Pascoe shared some thoughts on Aboriginal employment and sustainable agriculture.

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5 things about...Indigenous Knowledge

In this University of Melbourne podcast, Associate Deans, Indigenous Associate Professors Sana Nakata and Michael-Shawn Fletcher chat about Indigenous Knowledge.


Getting racism out of the classroom

Melbourne Graduate School of Education scholars Dr Jessica Gannaway, Dr Melitta Hogarth and Dr Sophie Rudolph write about the need for the education system and teachers to understand and challenge structural racism.

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Melbourne Indigenous STEM Education Program

The Melbourne Indigenous STEM Education Program (MISEP) is a series of Indigenous-led, hands-on, curriculum-based workshops that aim to engage high school students with Indigenous STEM knowledges.

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Indigenous Australia and the University of Melbourne: A truth-telling of our shared history

As part of National Reconciliation Week 2021, Murrup Barak Director Inala Cooper sat down to talk with historians Dr Ross Jones and Dr James Waghorne about an Indigenous-led research project created to properly articulate the University's contested history and formally acknowledge its institutional and colonial past.

Lighting the Wilin

Parbin-ata Carolyn Briggs lighting the Wilin during National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week

Alice Skye interviews Uncle Jack Charles during National Reconciliation Week

VCA Art Forum

Dr David Sequeira interviews Tony Albert for VCA Art Forum

Dungala Kaiela Oration

Dr Lois Peeler delivered the Dungala Kaiela Oration in September


Zena Cumpston in conversation with Prof Bruce Pascoe and Assoc Prof Michael-Shawn Fletcher

Narrm Oration

Assoc Prof Michael-Shawn Fletcher delivered the Narrm Oration in November

18 Oct 2021 | PURSUIT

Australia’s rivers are ancestral beings

Rivers are recognised as legal persons and living entities. Experts, including University of Melbourne, say Australia's rivers are Indigenous ‘ancestral beings’

11 Oct 2021 | PURSUIT

Indigenous knowledge and the myth of ‘wilderness’

Aboriginal ideas of ‘wilderness’ contrast with romantic ideas of a pristine environment. And it excludes Indigenous people, say University of Melbourne experts.

08 Aug 2021 | PURSUIT

Leaving no one behind

A University of Melbourne expert says this International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples recognises the rights and social equity of Indigenous peoples.

06 Jul 2021 | PURSUIT

Healing Country

We need to recognise the deep knowledge First Peoples bring in managing and adapting to changing environments, says a University of Melbourne expert.

30 Apr 2021 | PURSUIT

The power of the Indigenous business sector

Each year, Indigenous businesses bring in around $A5 billion, now University of Melbourne research reveals the extent of the power of Indigenous business.

08 Apr 2021 | PURSUIT

Sky fireballs and a shark in the stars: Indigenous art and astronomy

Meriam elder Uncle Segar Passi shares his knowledge of weather, wildlife, sea, land and sky and how they influence his artwork with University of Melbourne

06 Apr 2021 | PURSUIT

Returning water rights to Aboriginal people

Water justice is a critical issue for Indigenous Peoples; University of Melbourne experts say there are legal and policy opportunities to hand back water rights

09 Dec 2020 | PURSUIT

Everything is Country

Wiradjuri man and University of Melbourne geographer Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher explores how belonging to Country embeds us within the world

26 Nov 2020 | PURSUIT

Our country, Our way

This year, the University of Melbourne's Narrm Oration explores how Indigenous people and knowledge can save Australia’s environmental unravelling.