Jack Stevens1Name:  Jack Stevens

Role: Indigenous Student Success Officer

Mob: Gunggandji

What do you enjoy while working at the University of Melbourne?

After being at the University of Melbourne for over a year I find great joy in supporting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student on their journeys through their degrees. It was only a few years ago when I was in their position and realised how integral the Indigenous Unit was to the successful completion of my degree. I aspire to pass on this knowledge to our students who can also be pillars of support in the future for their communities, family and mob who may be looking at higher education.

What does Reconciliation mean to you?

Reconciliation is about acknowledgement. Not only our dark past but also the long road we still have ahead of us. It’s acknowledging mistakes, looking at different viewpoints and working together. It’s recognising all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as bearers of knowledge that has been passed down tens of thousands of years. It’s all of our business.

What made you start working at the University of Melbourne?

Since I was young it always felt important for me to give back and support the community. The opportunity to work at a University and directly supporting Indigenous students through their degree was like a flashback to when I first moved to Melbourne in 2015. I remember all the support I received both from the Indigenous unit and Indigenous community during my higher education journey. This was my chance to continue supporting our community and our future leaders. It almost feels like I have come full circle from once being a University student to now supporting so many incredibly talented mob.

What is a project or focus you are working on that you would like to shine light on?

Although it was last semester, I wanted to shine some light on all the hard work of my colleagues in the Student Success Team for managing to send over 400 care packages to our Indigenous students. In what’s been such a challenging year it’s moments like these that ground me – we’re all in this together.

What’s next or Fun Fact?

I love the NT’s own Paul’s Iced Coffee!

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