Draft policy consultation noticeboard

Drafts of new policies under development, existing policies under review and other related documents  can be made available on this page to support consultation. Contact policy-help@unimelb.edu.au to arrange publication on this page.

University Naming Policy

Please direct any feedback on this draft policy to Peter Andrews by COB Wed 17 Oct.

The revised policy is a complete rewrite. The new version:

  • has simplified the current provisions;
  • does not substantively change current approval authorities or requirements for naming in recognition of individuals or organisations;
  • condenses and re-orders many of the current sections;
  • clarifies Council’s role in the permanent naming of all University property including the naming of University precincts and campuses. In particular, the revised policy clarifies that Council can name University property upon request and this does not have to be in recognition of an individual, group or organisation, although proposals are overwhelmingly about recognition. The name is permanent until Council decides otherwise. Not all naming of University property requires Council approval. Temporary names (where property is not named in recognition of a person, group or organisation) given by management, prevail until Council determines otherwise;
  • includes a new definition of ‘University Property’ and the definition of ‘gift’ from the Advancement Policy;
  • ensures coverage of naming associated with sponsorship arrangements; and
  • clarifies the authority for naming non-academic entities and staff awards in recognition of a person or organisation.