We’re committed to ensuring the sustainability of the University, from organisational, financial, social and environmental perspectives.

Sustainability embraces, and goes beyond, a commitment to carefully consider our physical environment. It serves as an organising principle for decisions about the future of our University. Our institutional vision, composition and contribution are shaped not only by our internal perspectives, but by the expectations and aspirations of the communities in which we work and live.

We are guided by the University’s Sustainability Charter, which was released in 2016 and sets out the sustainability values and principles to be embedded in our work. Our Sustainability Plan 2017 - 2020 identifies priority actions and targets to move us towards realising the commitments of the Charter.

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Strategic priorities


Research underpins the University’s contribution to creating a sustainable world.

Teaching & Learning

The teaching and learning programs of the University inspire and support students to be leaders for a sustainable future.


The University’s staff and students actively engage with all sectors to drive progress towards sustainability.


Sustainable practices are embedded in all of the University’s operations, modelling innovative ways to maximise social and environmental value.


The University integrates sustainability principles into its decision-making and the management of the organisation.

Key facts and figures

Zero net emissions

On track for zero net emissions from electricity by 2021 due to to wind farm Power Purchase Agreements

$13.3 million+ in funding

Awarded to University researchers in 2018 for 17 sustainability-related projects from the Australian Research Council

990+ external relationships

Initiated and engaged in 2018 by the University's Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

Faculty fellowships

Faculty-based sustainability fellowships launched in 2019

Increased satisfaction

By staff and students with the University's efforts in encouraging sustainability