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The University of Melbourne’s degrees work a bit differently to those at most other Australian universities. They’re similar to those offered by many top institutions overseas in that you’ll start with an undergraduate degree, and can then choose to specialise at graduate level.

Why? We want you to create your own study path, with the power to choose your own direction and explore new options along the way. This is important in a world where careers are changing fast and employers value independent thinking.

Few people graduating today will stay in the same industry forever. With our degrees, you can build the right skills to adapt and to change successfully.

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Student stories

Indigenous student's guide for moving to Melbourne

21 August 2018
Moving to a new city to study can be pretty overwhelming, especially if it means leaving or being really far away from your family and community. But there’s an Indigenous stu...

The top five jobs you never knew you could get with a uni degree

21 August 2018
With Year 12 over and exam results released, you might be one of many students facing an existential crisis with the BIG question: “What will I do with the rest of my life?”...

Calling Melbourne my second home

21 August 2018
Malaysian student Wan Siew has no regrets moving to Australia to study agriculture...

Career outcomes – Melbourne graduates

2017 career outcome survey of graduates three to five years after graduating


of graduates from bachelors degrees are in employment

Our graduates

work across a diverse range of industries

in the private, government and non-profit sectors


of graduates enjoy

the work they do


of graduates feel their work

makes a positive contribution to the community