Dr Xia (Emma) Liang receives 2022 International Fertilizer Association Emerging Scholar Award

Dr Xia (Emma) Liang in her graduation regalia
Dr Xia (Emma) Liang

Dr Xia (Emma) Liang was one of two winners of the 2022 International Fertilizer Association (IFA) Emerging Scholar Awards, recently announced at the IFA Strategic Forum held in Washington, D.C.

The award recognises the outstanding research conducted by Dr Liang, who is a member of the ARC Research Hub for Smart Fertilisers.

Dr Liang said she was honoured to receive the award, to highlight the importance of sustainable nitrogen management.

“I hope my research on enhanced efficiency nitrogen use facilitates collective actions of producers, consumers, researchers and policy makers towards agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability, both regionally and globally,” Dr Liang said.

Dr Liang’s research focuses on sustainable reactive nitrogen management by examining the many factors involved, including agricultural production, food supply, human consumption, environmental and ecological impacts, and social and economic development.

Shaping the guidelines for sustainable nitrogen management, Dr Liang proposed the “5 Ps” principles (Production, People, Planet, Policy and Partnerships) that address the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability, and allow a multifaceted evaluation of nitrogen management that highlights specific areas for improvement, directs future research, and supports the design of effective policy and legislation.