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Produced by Val McFarlane (Advancement)

What happens after you leave university? Will you end up doing exactly what you trained for, or something else entirely? In the 3010 podcast, we meet University of Melbourne alumni on career paths that have taken them to interesting – and sometimes unexpected – places. The companion podcast to 3010, the University’s magazine for alumni and friends.

Produced by Andi Horvath, Chris Hatzis & Silvi Vann-Wall (External Relations)

5 Things About is for you and your inner curious cat. The part of you that just loves to know what others know about inventions, ideas, people and places. You’ve heard the proverb “curiosity killed the cat” … the rest of the proverb is “but satisfaction brought it back.” The 5 Things About podcast is a University of Melbourne training program created by Dr Andi Horvath.

Produced by Bernadette McSherry (Melbourne Social Equity Insistute)

An ongoing conversation about equality in society, from the Melbourne Social Equity Institute at the University of Melbourne.

Produced by Eoin Hahessy & Niamh Cremins (Melbourne Business School)

Insights, news and discussion from one of the world's leading business schools,the Faculty of Business & Economics,at one of the world's leading universities, the University of Melbourne.

Produced by Kara-Lynne Cummings (PC4)

Cheers with Peers is a podcast hosted by Sibel Saya, who guides Early Career Researchers through the maze that is primary care research.

Produced by Caron Beaton-Wells & Serpil Senelmis (Melbourne Law School)

Join Caron Beaton-Wells, Professor in Competition Law at the University of Melbourne, to tackle what it means to participate as a competitor, consumer or citizen in a digital economy and society.

Produced by Peter Clark (Asia Institute)

Ear to Asia is produced by Asia Institute, the Asian research specialists, at the University of Melbourne, Australia. In Ear to Asia, we talk with Asia researchers to unpack the issues behind news headlines in a region that is rapidly changing the world. Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Produced by Andi Horvath, Chris Hatzis & Silvi Vann-Wall (External Relations)

Overhear researchers talk about what they do and why they do it. Hear them obsess, confess and profess - changing the world one experiment, one paper and one interview at a time. Listen in as seasoned eavesdropper Chris Hatzis follows reporters Dr Andi Horvath and Steve Grimwade on their meetings with magnificent minds. Made possible by the University of Melbourne

Produced by Ali Moore (Chancellery)

A show about the changing world of work, and how industry experts are finding clever solutions to tricky problems

Produced by Robert Tait & Stephen Di Lorenzo (Melbourne School of Social and Political Sciences)

Interviews and discussions concerning international relations and foreign policy with students, academics and professionals.

This is the official podcast of the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

  • Game Changers - Coming Soon!

Produced by Seth Robinson & Sophie Thomas.

A podcast about people who have found their niche in the world. Gone against the grain. Created opportunities for themselves. And worked to solve problems rather than go down traditional career paths.

Produced by David Eccles (Melbourne School of Computing and Information Systems)

Gown to Town is a term that arose at University towns which had two populations – the people who worked at the University and the non university members of the community. Gown to Town aims  to bring the world class research from the School of Computing and Information Systems to a broader audience. It’s aimed at Business executives who are looking for innovative technology solutions that can be leveraged from the CIS School’s research.

Our podcasts cover a range of public policy topics focusing on the main issues facing Australia. We aim to further the debate, sometimes by presenting controversial viewpoints. Our podcasts concentrate on the current Grattan Programs, but also go more broadly on occasion.

Produced by The Melbourne Business School

Discover key insights into complexity, leadership, strategy, power & influence, innovation, negotiation, disruption, trade, diversity, analytics, marketing, finance and our globally ranked MBA. Melbourne Business School pioneered the development and delivery of business and executive education in Australia.

Produced by Andrew May (Melbourne School of Philosophical & Historial Studies)

My Marvellous Melbourne is a regular half-hour podcast produced by staff and students affiliated with the Melbourne History Workshop in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Our segments combine stories, interviews, personal reflections and memories that interest and inspire us about the social history of the city and suburbs.

Research, stories and conversations with thought leaders around connectivity, technology, futurism and other topics facing the networked society. Presented by the University of Melbourne's Networked Society Institute.

Produced by Thomas Feng (Arts)

Picking Up STEAM is a podcast by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne about the human consequences of the weird, ugly and the wonderful advances in STEM. Hosted and produced by Thomas Feng. Editing and audio-engineering by Gavin Nebauer. Episodes are released fortnightly on Mondays at 10am AEST.

Produced by Kara-Lynne Cummings (PC4)

Dr Kristi Milley and Sophie Chima present a monthly conversation about recently released articles within the cancer in primary care area. Listen to their indepth interviews with the authors and their general discourse on articles released within the month. This podcast is produced by the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4).

Produced by Andi Horvath, Buffy Gorrilla & Ben Pawson (External Relations)

It’s the podcast you wished you had when you started your working life. Starting Somewhere delivers insights and stories that demystifies the internship landscape and dissects the seemingly scary world of work. The podcast will also tackle the hard topics: are internships just for the privileged who can afford to work for nothing, do they exclude valuable candidates from diverse backgrounds? Are interns being exploited, and what are the signs? Should all internships be paid, like in France? We will follow ‘intern diaries’ and collect useful tips and tricks, work hacks and answers to questions people are often afraid to ask.

The UoM System Garden is one of only a few gardens of its type in the world where the emphasis is on plant evolution and relationships.

Produced by Dave McRae (Asia Institute)

In the Talking Indonesia podcast, Dr Dave McRae, Dr Jemma Purdey, Dr Charlotte Setijadi and Dr Dirk Tomsa present an extended interview each fortnight with experts on Indonesian politics, foreign policy, culture, language and more. Find all the Talking Indonesia podcasts and more at the Indonesia at Melbourne blog.

Produced by Maxine McKew (Melbourne Graduate School of Education)

A new podcast series with Maxine McKew , Kerry Elliott and Sophie Murphy. Tune in to Talking Teaching and be part of a lively conversation about effective classroom practice and the latest in educational thinking. Each podcast features interviews and stories from practitioners and leading thinkers.

Produced by Craig Jeffrey (Australia India Institute)

The Australia India Institute Podcasts examine key questions facing contemporary India and the Australia-India relationship. The Australia India Institute podcast is brought to you in association with the Australia India Institute @ Delhi and founding partners La Trobe University and the University of New South Wales.

A University of Melbourne podcast series about the future, and the skills and the outlook needed to make the most of it.

Produced by Louisa Lim & Graeme Smith (Asia Institute)

Interviews and chats celebrating China beyond the Beijing beltway. Hosted by Graeme Smith, China studies academic at the Australian National University's Department of Pacific Affairs and Louisa Lim, former China correspondent for the BBC and NPR, now with the Centre for Advancing Journalism at Melbourne University. We are the 2018 winners of podcast of the year in the News & Current Affairs category of the Australian Podcast Awards. Follow us @limlouisa and @GraemeKSmith on Twitter, and find show notes at

Produced by Louisa Lim (Centre for Advancing Journalism)

Learning Through Listening: Lessons in audio from some of the best audio journalists in the world, hosted by Louisa Lim from the Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne.

Produced by Eoin Hahessy & Ruby Schwartz (Chancellery)

Hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Glyn Davis, this is a monthly podcast about public policy and the way it affects Australia and the world. Subscribe on iTunes or stream on Pursuit. Follow @The_PolicyShop on Twitter.

Produced by Andi Horvath & Chris Hatzis (External Relations).

Up Close is an archived, once-fortnightly research, opinion and analysis talk show from the University of Melbourne, Australia.