UMSU’s Queer People of Faith collective

Andie Moore, They/Them

Over the past year, I’ve been involved in UMSU’s Queer People of Faith collective, which has given me so much confidence and comfort as Queer Anglican, that my faith, gender and sexuality are not only compatible, but co-dependent. Being queer is such an incredible blessing, and the degree of confusion, dysphoria and difference that comes with not fitting a norm goes hand in hand with having faith. While I discover what it means to be a child of God, I’m also trying to understand where I fit into a cisheteronormative world, not made for people like me.

There’s so many of us out there on this same existential journey that unites queerness and faith. Once you start to see the two worlds together, and accept that you are born as Queer and a Person of Faith - of God, grace, and a spirit of love - you open so many doors for yourself. If you’re spiritual or faithful, and questioning your gender/sexuality, or vice-versa, I’d encourage you to embrace both worlds, and maybe even come to QPOF collective. Your queerness and faith aren’t just compatible. They were destined for each other.