Trans & Gender Diverse Resources

Celebrating the contributions of trans and gender diverse people to society; access to support services and educational resources; and raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans and gender diverse people worldwide.

University of Melbourne leaders offer their support for International Day of Transgender Visibility

University of Melbourne leaders recorded a message on International Transgender Day of Visibility in 2021. See how they express their commitment to the recognition and inclusion of all TGD students and staff at the University.

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WEBINAR | Transgender and gender diverse health education: A review

What does the next generation of trans-friendly health care providers look like? For Transgender Day of Visibility, Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez discussed trans-affirmative care in medical education with Dr Megan Sharp, Pride in Action Network Co-Chair and Research Fellow – MDHS Diversity and Inclusion. This webinar was supported by the MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Associate Dean, A/Prof Natalie Hannan and produced by Dr Megan Sharp in collaboration with Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez.

Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez is an academic registrar at the Department of General Practice. Their research focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) health in medical education. Asiel is a founding member of Wavelength which is a free open access resource on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex health for medical students and health professionals.

WATCH | Transgender Communities, Law Reform and Feminism panel discussion

What is the most critical thing that allies of trans people can do to actually make a difference? A recent TDoV panel event discussed calls to action and the important birth certificate reforms passed by the Victorian parliament in August 2019. The amendments to the Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 1996 enabled trans and gender diverse (TGD) people to amend their birth certificate to reflect their gender identity without the need for invasive and potentially unwanted surgeries.

WATCH the panel discussion

Michelle McNamara (University of Melbourne & Transgender Victoria and staff co-representative of the Pride in Action Network) spoke about the importance of the reform in the context of improving mental health and removing discrimination in the workplace.

Panelists included Prof Emerita Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney), A/Prof Angela Dwyer (University of Tasmania), Dr J.R. Latham (Event Moderator, Deakin University), Amao Leota Lu (Fa’afafine & Trans International Speaker & Advocate) and A/Prof Sandy O’Sullivan (USC).

Celebrating trans and gender diverse people

For Transgender Day of Visibility 2020, we celebrated the achievements of trans and gender diverse people; from those near and dear to us to international names.


Switchboard has compiled a list of resources that could support the trans, gender diverse and the broader LGBTIQA+community due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), particularly regarding its impact on the Australian healthcare system and cancellation of planned surgeries. Please share these resources and encourage people to reach out if they need support.