Arthur Norman Smith was a founder of the Australian Journalists' Association and served as its first general president and for five years as its general secretary.

Members of Smith's family presented £200 to the University of Melbourne to endow an Arthur Norman Smith Lecture in Journalism. A University Trust Record governs the use of the bequest fund.

The first annual AN Smith Lecture in Journalism was held in 1938. The lecture is presented by a leading authority on some important aspect of journalism.

2011 If you ask me about the future of newspapers you have asked the wrong question Greg Hywood,
CEO Fairfax Media
2010 The end of journalism as we know it – and other good news stories Annabel Crabb,
ABC Online's Chief Political Writer
2006 Is talk cheap? How commentators, columnists and reporters influence politics E.J. Dionne Jr.,

Us columnist, commentator and academic

2005 Power without Responsibility: who guards the guardians? The Honourable Peter Beattie,
Premier of Queensland
2004 Books and Writing program, ABC Radio National, in which Don Watson discusses writing about politics and his biography of Prime Minister Paul Keating Dr Don Watson,
historian, screenwriter, essayist
and political speechwriter
ABC article
2003 In Defence of Talkback Mr Jon Faine,
presenter, ABC Radio 774, Melbourne
2001 The Media Industry in Australia: public policy choices Mr Frederick Gilmer AO,
chief executive officer, Fairfax Holdings Ltd
2000 Life as a Content Provider Ms Maxine McKew,
journalist, The Bulletin and ABC Television
1999 Media and Accountability Mr Paul Chadwick,
journalist and lawyer
1998 The South-East Asian Press: its challenges, shortcomings and prospects Mr Pichai Chuensuksawadi,
editor, Bangkok Post
1997 Newspapers: on the road to where? Mr Steve Harris,
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Age