University medals for Exceptional Service

In 1987 the University introduced a new suite of medals: a bronze medal for long service by members of the general staff; a silver medal for exceptional service by a member of staff; a gold medal for exceptional service in an honorary capacity. In 1989 the conditions of award were amended to make both gold and silver medals available to members of staff and those serving in an honorary capacity alike; the silver for exceptional service in a particular capacity or field of activity, the gold for exceptional service to the University as a whole.

Gold Medal

Year Awarded to
1987 Brewster, L.
1988 Habersberger, J.C.
1989 Ferguson, M.N.
1990 Pawsey, M.R.
1993 Sutherland, Wendy
1996 Calwell, Constance W.
2007 McKay, Robert. Currie, Lennard N and Emison, Mary R
2010 Lazer, Alfred L and Baré, Elizabeth A.
2013 Semkiw, Jurij
2014 Stewardson, C J
2015Marshman, Ian

Silver Medal

Year Awarded to
1987  Battersby, Olive M. Gole, V.L. Otway, K.H. Rogers, J.E. and Sheffield, R.
1990Barrah, I.R.
2000          Bullen, Margaret U.
2007 Anning, Timothy L and Dawson, Geoffrey Francis
2009Ann Rusden
2015McQuillan, Julia and Young, Stephen

Silver Medal (pre 1987)

Awards of silver and gold medals prior to the introduction of the new suite are listed below.

Year Awarded toYear Awarded to
1966 Marriott, H. 1977 King, Verna E.
Mannix, J.R.T. Munro, L.
1967 Ramsden, Barbara M. Rennie, Isobel M.
1970 Campbell, D.W. 1978 Cropley, E.
Carswell, D.B 1979 Findlay, W.A.
Scholes, Florence M. Henderson, Mary J.
Blundell, L.C. Smith, Evelyn J.
1971 Sach, C. Taylor, E.B.
Kennedy, A.C. 1980 Morgan, L.E.
Sonenberg, E.J. Norton, L.H.
Ellis, R.A. Smith, J.C.
1972 Weeding, Alice M. 1981 Lowe, J.
Waters, H.A. 1982 Dunne, R.H.
Logie, J. Foulds, W.E.
1973 Rennie, Estelle A Muss, R.L.
1974 Holmes, L.J. Baker, Dorothy
Leighton, J.W. 1983 Newman, J.J.
Nanson, Joan W. Mills, A.W.
1975 Guymer, K. 1985 Harrison G.        
1976 Caldwell, W.G. Rose, J.
Johnston, F.H. Wild, L.