Estate Plan

We are in the process of developing the Estate Plan which will guide how we plan and design our campuses for the future. The Plan will answer strategic questions about the size, shape and location of the University, and set out the core principles for our future development.

The Estate Plan will help the University of Melbourne prioritise investment in, and development of, its campuses. The plan will outline the direction of the University's physical environment, ensuring that our campuses grow in ways that support and inspire our students, staff, and wider community. The plan will help us take into account the diverse needs of our communities in the 21st Century and build our university in line with these needs.

Two distinct, but related, sub-plans will sit underneath the Estate Plan

Campus Development Framework (CDF)

The CDF will give physical form to the Estate Plan Strategy, taking into consideration how we want each campus to look and feel.

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The Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF)

The (SAMF) will establish the processes by which the Estate Plan's strategic direction, given form by the CDF, is made tangible.

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The Estate Plan has six core objectives

  • Define the mission, vision and values for the estate, aligned to the University's overall strategic goals.
  • Describe the current estate and the issues it faces
  • Identify major gaps between current provision and future requirements
  • Identify key trends within the University sector relevant to estate planning, and to set out guidance to enable the University of Melbourne to respond to these trends
  • Provide recommendations on the development of the University's estate and outline the benefits to be delivered by following the recommendations
  • Set out a high-level implementation plan

Communication & Engagement

As the Estate Plan is a new approach to planning and infrastructure there is a recognised need to develop appropriate communication/engagement approaches for internal and external stakeholders (eg. government and industry partners), following the confirmation of target audiences and relevant messages.

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