Our bold new engineering and design campus at Fishermans Bend will bring research to life at an industrial scale.

With world leading engineering and design facilities, students and researchers will collaborate with industry to tackle real world challenges. We will turn ground-breaking ideas into market-ready solutions with a focus on sustainability. Located alongside leading Australian companies just five kilometres from the CBD, the campus will create a thriving public realm in the heart of Fishermans Bend.

Innovation for a sustainable future

Learn about the type of research we will be focusing on at Fishermans Bend campus

Campus development timeline

Stage 1 opens

New industrial scale innovation hub for 4,000 staff, students and partners of:

  • the Melbourne School of Engineering
  • the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.
Stage 2 opens

Campus population 7,000 staff, students and partners

Stage 3 opens

Campus population 10,000 staff, students and partners

Contact us

For more information, email the project team at fishermans-bend@unimelb.edu.au