Diversity and Inclusion in Policy

In December 2019, the University’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee endorsed a program of work that aims to enhance commitment to diversity and inclusion within the University’s policy suite. The project approach is intended to provide a holistic, integrated diversity and inclusion focus in all University policies through:

  • development of tools and the revision of the Melbourne Policy Framework and Policy Style Guide to assist Policy Approvers, Policy Stewards and policy drafters to understand and incorporate diversity and inclusion in all new policy work;
  • development of key new policies to fill identified gaps; and
  • review and amendment of all existing policies as needed to address diversity and inclusion issues.

The Diversity and Inclusion Policy Working Group provides oversight of this program of work. The Working Group assesses new policies or amendments to policies to ensure any changes are consistent with the Melbourne Policy Framework and the Policy Style Guide, both of which have been revised to reflect best practice in terms of diversity and inclusion.

NEW Disability, Accessibility and Inclusion Policy

The University proposes to introduce a new Disability, Accessibility and Inclusion Policy, and invites review and feedback from the University community.

Please refer to the Explanatory Note for further background information.

The draft policy will be open for comment until COB Wednesday 21 October 2020. Please send feedback directly to Kathryn Sinclair (Diversity and Inclusion Policy Consultant) at kathysinclairpolicy@gmail.com.