We’re working towards a new standard for Australian education.

For over 164 years, we’ve been challenging the status quo. And in 2008, we brought a new teaching model to Australia. Inspired by leading international universities, it has helped us to find our place among the world’s leaders in higher education.

The Melbourne curriculum was designed to support and inspire graduates to make a difference on a global scale.

To help our students become great thinkers with the flexible mindset needed to solve future challenges, we developed seven undergraduate degrees that support depth and breadth of knowledge. Many of our students graduate into industry, but we also offer over 400 graduate courses for those who choose to specialise.


Breadth is the real Melbourne curriculum difference. We encourage students to pursue their passions and explore studies outside their major through breadth subjects across the University. From languages to music, breadth subjects foster a broader skill set and complement their degree. Breadth also gives students the skills to work with others from a range of disciplines, developing communication and negotiation skills that are crucial in the modern workplace. In many cases, combining breadth and core studies has set students on unique paths that connect their new-found passion and deeper studies.

Melbourne graduate schools

More than just a higher level of qualification, graduate study is an investment in the future. Our 400 graduate degrees across 18 graduate schools are designed to set graduates apart in their field with a highly specialised skill set. Graduate students will have the opportunity to work with world-class researchers and connect with the community and industry to support their careers beyond the classroom.

Great experience, great outcomes

The University of Melbourne has a top reputation with employers and has been ranked number 8 worldwide for graduate employability*. We create student-employer connections, foster global careers, boast a strong graduate employment rate and support students to become the best graduates in their fields.

Our degrees are taught by renowned researchers and industry leaders recognised globally for their outstanding achievements. Our students gain valuable skills in problem-solving, communication, teamwork and leadership through real-world learning, including masterclasses, internships, study abroad and practical projects.

*Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023/QS Graduate Employability 2022.

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