We reimagined a new standard for Australian education.

For 164 years our research has challenged the status quo and it’s no different when it comes to our curriculum. In 2008, inspired by leading international universities, we developed a new teaching model that had never been seen in this country, it helped cement our place among the world’s leaders in higher education.

The Melbourne Curriculum was designed to support and inspire graduates to make a difference on a global scale.

To help our students become great thinkers and ensure they have the flexible mindset required to solve the problems of tomorrow, we developed a suite of undergraduate degrees that support specialist knowledge in depth as well as academic breadth. Many of our graduates proceed directly to the workforce, but for those who choose to pursue further study, we offer over 400 graduate courses.


Breadth is at the heart of the Melbourne Curriculum difference. Students are encouraged to pursue their passions and explore studies outside their major through breadth subjects, fostering a broader skill set and complementing their degree. Breadth also gives students the skills to work with others from a range of disciplines, developing communication and negotiation skills that are crucial in the modern workplace. In many cases, combining breadth and core studies has set students on unique paths that connect their new-found passion and deeper studies.

Melbourne graduate schools

More than just a higher level of qualification, graduate study is an investment in the future, giving graduates a highly specialised skill set and helping to set them apart in their fields. With more than 400 graduate degrees offered by our 18 graduate schools, graduate students work with world-class researchers and gain access to stronger connections with community and industry for a professionally relevant education.

Great experience, great outcomes

A consistently high performer in global career outcomes rankings, the University of Melbourne has a stellar reputation with employers. The University helps create student-employer connections, fosters graduate employability, boasting a strong graduate employment rate and supporting students to become the best graduates in their fields.

Our degrees are taught by renowned researchers and industry leaders recognised globally for their outstanding achievements. Our students gain valuable skills in problem solving, communication, teamwork and leadership through real-world learning – masterclasses, internships, study abroad and practical projects.

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