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22 Apr 2020 | PURSUIT

My eyesight is weak, but my vision is strong

University of Melbourne PhD student Nisha Mehta was born with albinism; but with support she has overcome challenges to pursue an academic career in chemistry.

04 Mar 2020 | PURSUIT

Call for a new age in science

As we mark International Women's Day, a University of Melbourne expert says peer-review processes overwhelmingly benefiting men are scientifically flawed.

10 Feb 2020 | PURSUIT

Challenging the climate of bias

On International Day of Girls and Women in Science, a University of Melbourne expert who went on the largest all-woman expedition to Antarctica is optimistic

10 Feb 2020 | PURSUIT

The changing face of science

A University of Melbourne expert says International Day of Women and Girls in Science reminds us that our perception of how science is taught must change.

22 Jan 2020 | PURSUIT

Decoding cancer cell communication

Professor Elizabeth Vincan at the University of Melbourne identified the genes in an ancient form of cell-to-cell communication, and a new target against cancer

14 Jan 2020 | PURSUIT

Getting to know your microbiome better

Microbiome research produces huge amounts of data, but do we have the right information to answer our bug-related questions ask University of Melbourne experts.