Sustainability at Melbourne

As a public spirited, globally-connected research institution, the University of Melbourne has a responsibility to lead and act on the critical challenges of global sustainability in a changing climate.

Our Sustainability Framework

Sustainability at Melbourne is governed by the University’s Sustainability Framework, which integrates action on sustainability across all areas of institutional activity and aligns with the strategic priorities of Advancing Melbourne.

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply intertwined with the places on which our campuses stand, and the network of local and global communities our campuses and precincts support.
We will lead and act on shaping a sustainable future for the city and nation we serve, partnering in the future of Melbourne as a thriving, sustainable global city and advancing Australia as an ambitious, forward-thinking nation.

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The University of Melbourne has a significant contribution to make to shaping a sustainable, equitable future for our planet. Through the transformative potential of our teaching and research, we will engage our communities, locally and globally, to grow sustainability knowledge for impact and action.


As active global citizens and future leaders, our graduates are our greatest contribution to a sustainable planet. Through the development of sustainability knowledge aligned to their specific disciplines and future careers, we’re empowering our students to shape and succeed in the future industries of sustainable societies.


Society’s transition to sustainability demands new thinking and innovative solutions. Through our research agenda, we are championing deep interdisciplinary perspectives on complex global sustainability issues, accelerating real-world solutions across the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability.


Our commitment to sustainability is deeply intertwined with the places on which our campuses stand, and the communities they support. We aspire to be an exemplar of sustainable, equitable community in our campus operations, buildings and landscapes – and to engage our students and staff in opportunities to learn and collaborate through on-campus action.


The Sustainability Framework governs the decision-making and planning mechanisms for enacting our sustainability commitments – and for upholding transparency, accountability and community inclusiveness in sustainability planning and reporting.


For queries or to provide feedback on our sustainability framework, please contact us at: