As one of the world’s leading universities, we aspire to build on our distinguished traditions and create an innovative future.

Growing Esteem 2015–2020 is the most recent articulation of our plans to achieve our strategic goals.

The first Growing Esteem strategy (2005) envisaged the University of Melbourne in 2015 as our nation’s leading university, with research of global impact, a distinctive and graduate-focused teaching profile and a much-strengthened sense of connection to its many communities. This initial phase of Growing Esteem focused on learning and teaching, and resulted in the innovative Melbourne Model.

Growing Esteem 2010 aimed higher, with the University aspiring to be counted as one of the finest universities in the world. We developed a new research strategy and included an emphasis on the importance of engagement in enriching research and teaching. This stage of Growing Esteem refocused our approach to research and guided the development of precincts and industry partnerships.

Growing Esteem 2015–2020 seeks to fully realise the vision articulated in 2005. We’re embedding sustainability principles in our work, and setting higher benchmarks for learning, teaching, the student experience and globally recognised research. In this most recent iteration, engagement takes a central role, as we reemphasise the value of our connections to community and society.

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Strategy 2030: The University of Melbourne is nearing the end of Growing Esteem  2015-2020. In 2019, the University community will set our strategic direction for the next decade.