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NEW Gender Affirmation Policy

The University proposes a new Gender Affirmation Policy, and invites review and feedback. 

The University of Melbourne aspires to be a place where all people are valued and respected, have equal access to opportunities and are encouraged to fulfil their talents and potential. To help realise these aspirations, a Gender Affirmation Policy has been developed. The first of its kind for the University, the Gender Affirmation Policy outlines key principles and actions which help build a safe, inclusive and respectful culture for all transgender and gender diverse members of our community. Further to this, the Policy outlines the processes for transgender and gender diverse people to safely affirm their gender identity and expression at the University.

The Gender Affirmation Policy has been developed by the Diversity and Inclusion Policy Review Working Group. In stakeholder consultations conducted in June and July of 2020, the relationship between the existing Freedom of Speech Policy and the Gender Affirmation Policy was raised as a significant issue by a number of stakeholders. Consequently, revisions were proposed to the Freedom of Speech Policy to convey a stronger commitment to minimise harmful speech and actions. These revisions were approved by University Council on March 17 of this year.

We now seek feedback from our University community to inform the final draft of the Gender Affirmation policy. In particular, we warmly welcome feedback from transgender and gender diverse members of our University community. The Gender Affirmation Policy is an important step forward and will be supported by the development of structures and processes to better support a safe and inclusive culture for transgender and gender diverse members of the University community.

The draft policy will be open for comment until COB Wednesday, 21 April 2021. Please send feedback directly to uni-gov@unimelb.edu.au.

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