Digital innovation

Our academic staff make use of a wide range of technology-based tools to support their teaching, learning and assessment practice. With a view to capitalising on our own research and innovation, we are devising a process for education technology (EduTech) innovation within the University to be encouraged and rewarded.

We are particularly interested in innovations that respond to one or more of the three core aims that drive the Flexible Academic Programming (FlexAP) project – quality; flexibility for students; effective and efficient use of infrastructure. They should also meet EduTech innovation criteria such as the generalisability of the innovation, potential for mainstream integration, and sustainability.

Our innovation in digital teaching, learning and assessment comes from a number of sources:

  • Our Learning and Teaching Initiatives (LTI) grant scheme
  • Individual academics and students
  • Operating units within the three arms of the Melbourne Operating Model (Academic Divisions, Chancellery, University Services)
  • External vendors

We want to further encourage EduTech innovations that may arise from any of these sources. We are developing a mechanism that:


innovative EduTech practice.


incentives and support for EduTech innovation.


and recognises excellence in EduTech innovation.

Actively supports

proven EduTech Innovations to become mainstream.

A small number of projects from the many that are seeded, championed and supported across the University could, in this way, find their way into the mainstream, within the University and potentially beyond.

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