Online learning

We have devoted significant time and resources to the innovation and virtual infrastructure necessary to offer our students flexible online study options.

With our expanding range of digital learning materials, MOOCs, Graduate Online courses and online short courses, we cater for a diversity of local, national and international students and learners.

Graduate Online – Melbourne develops, delivers and supports graduate courses in collaboration with our graduate schools, focussing on the needs of graduate students. Increasingly, these needs centre on flexible access to relevant, high quality education that will facilitate career advancement or career change.

Our Graduate Online – Melbourne courses deliver value for our students through attention to seven guiding principles:

  1. Deep engagement and learning
  2. Interaction and feedback
  3. Specialisation and career advancement
  4. Flexibility and choice
  5. Student support
  6. Virtual scholarly community
  7. Connection with world experts

The Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE)

MSPACE, which began operations on 1 January 2018, offers new study options including a growing suite of online short courses for people who are interested in furthering their career, and updating their professional knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Inspired by the success and format of the Graduate Online – Melbourne courses, the online short courses offered by MSPACE aim to provide students and working professionals with concrete, practical knowledge and skills development.

MSPACE webpage

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