Supporting internationalisation

The University of Melbourne is an internationally engaged university with a global outlook and growing global reach.

Through implementation of the International Strategy 2017-2020, The University  has developed engagement plans for three countries in the Asian region:  India, Indonesia and China. Engaging with India 2020 - 2024 and Engaging with Indonesia 2020 - 2024 were launched in 2019, and Engaging with China 2020 - 2024 in August 2020. These plans articulate our relationships, collaborations and commitment to building a shared future with these countries for the long term.

Advancing Melbourne 2030 will guide us through the next decade. Globally, we aspire to lead, convene and collaborate through strategic partnerships on a global scale. We aspire to become a hub of knowledge and research for the Asia Pacific region, to lead on global challenges where we can make a significant contribution to the world, and develop centers of excellence that are global in reach, ambition and impact. A priority is to strengthen relationships with a global community of scholars, partners and alumni, with a curriculum that is informed by a global range of perspectives.

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