Role of the Academic Board

The Academic Board is established by the University of Melbourne Statute which sets out its powers and functions delegated to it by Council. The Board is responsible to Council for quality assurance in academic activities including maintenance of high standards in teaching, learning and research. The powers and functions of the Board are:

  • Setting policy and monitoring academic standards for course and subject entry, assessment and completion requirements
  • Approving courses and subjects for delivery that meet the standards
  • Setting policy and monitoring selection requirements for prizes, scholarships and other forms of academic recognition
  • Requesting and receiving from academic units recommendations, advice and reports related to Board functions
  • Providing recommendations, advice and reports on its responsibilities and functions to Council
  • Contributing to University reviews of academic units in relation to academic matters
  • Acting as the University’s final appeal body for student grievances and any other matters in accordance with the statutes and regulations
  • Developing, approving and reviewing policies and procedures related to Board functions in accordance with statutes and regulations

The Board must contribute to the achievement of strategic plans approved by Council; and the objects of the University. The Board cannot delegate its powers and functions but may prepare, for Council approval, a schedule of delegations of its powers and functions to committees or individuals.

The Academic Board reports to Council and provides Council with appropriate and timely information on its contribution in relation to its powers and functions.

The Academic Board is also the final appeal body for students on matters relating to decisions made by University bodies or individual officers.

Quick guide to the Academic Board

Quick Guide to the Academic Board at the University of Melbourne is available as a download (PDF).

Academic Board officers

The Board officers are the President: Professor Andrew Kenyon, Vice-President: Professor Karen Farquharson and Deputy Vice-President: Professor David Shallcross . The Officers are elected for a period of two years.

Role of the Board officers

The President of the Academic Board is a member of Council, the University Executive and the Standing Committees of the Academic Board. The President and Vice-President are members of the University Appointments and Promotions Committee. One of the Officers usually chairs the Student Appeals Panels.

The President presides at Board meetings. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President or Deputy Vice-President will preside.

Powers and responsibilities of the President

The President may act executively on behalf of the Board on matters that are urgent or routine and must report any action taken on behalf of the Board to its next meeting.

Academic Secretary

Email: acad-sec@unimelb.edu.au

Committees of the Board

This page contains a full list of the committees of the Academic Board.

Information for Academic Board Members