Invoices with Purchase Orders

To ensure that the University can efficiently and accurately provide timely payments to our vendors, and meet relevant legislative requirements,  standard automated procedures are in place for processing all invoices.

Manual Invoice Submission (Invoices without Purchase Orders)

If a Purchase Order Number has not been provided, contact your University representative prior to submitting the goods or services invoice.

Payment Terms

The University’s standard payment terms are 30 days after the end of the month in which the invoice is dated.

For instance, an Invoice dated 1st August will be scheduled for payment by 30 September.

For queries regarding Standard Payment Terms please contact us.

Scheduled Payment Notifications & Remittance Advices

Scheduled Payment Notifications are automatically generated every Tuesday (typically before COB). These notifications provide our suppliers with a status update on all their invoices that have been received for processing but have not reached the scheduled payment date.

In instances where an invoice has passed the scheduled payment date and payment has not been received, please refer to the invoice status column on the statement.

RFP = Ready for Payment: No action required.

IP = In Progress: Expected payment date is subject to successful processing of the invoice by the University. No action required.

ADA = Awaiting Department Approval: To follow up, please contact your University representative (i.e. department contact person pertaining to the invoice)

PDA = Pending Department Action: Pending confirmation of delivery of goods/services from the department. It may also include transactions being disputed. Please contact the University Service Centre on (03) 903 54000, option 2 for further information.

  • Recently submitted invoices require time to process and may not appear on the current notification.
  • International payments can take 1-5 business days after the scheduled payment date to be credited into the bank account, depending on processing times by the supplier’s bank.

Remittance advices are automatically generated upon successful completion of payment runs. Tuesdays and Thursdays for domestic suppliers and Wednesday for international suppliers.

The University has automated invoicing in place and prefers all invoices to be submitted electronically or via email. Listed below are the minimum details that an invoice must carry to ensure faster processing and avoid rejections:

  • Purchase Order number
  • Supplier’s full name & address
  • University reference person and contact details
  • Invoice number
  • Date of invoice issue
  • Description of quantity & type of goods supplied or type & extent of services rendered
  • GST rate applied and GST amount
  • ABN
  • Tax invoice document is in PDF format
  • One tax invoice per PDF document
  • Address to 'University of Melbourne' for invoice amount above $1,000

For queries regarding Invoicing Requirements please contact us.