Privacy statements

The University’s Privacy Statements support the principle of responsible and transparent handling of personal and health information by explaining generally what information the University collects and why, who we share it with, and how individuals can exercise their rights regarding their information.

The University is required under relevant privacy legislation to provide a clear and comprehensive privacy statement (or specific privacy collection notice) at, or prior to, the point of collection of any personal information from an individual (or as soon as practicable thereafter).

The University’s general privacy statements published here outline:

  • the purposes for which the personal information is collected;
  • the type of organisations to whom the information may be disclosed;
  • any law requiring collection;
  • the main consequences if the information requested is not provided;
  • any right to access personal information; and
  • how to contact the University.

The University also provides individuals with privacy collection notices specific to particular purposes or activities at the time their personal information is collected for that purpose (or, if this is not possible, as soon as practicable thereafter).