This page will guide you through the process for submitting an appeal.

Appeal submission processes and advice


The appeal process can be complex and stressful, and a student advocate will be able to confidentially discuss your situation, advise you on the likelihood of the success of any appeal, and can help you prepare the application itself. Therefore, getting advice from an independent person, who knows the appeal process and is aware of potential outcomes, is strongly advised.

By discussing your situation with someone, it will help you:

  • establish whether you have grounds for appeal
  • consider whether the appeal is reasonable
  • clarify the details of the decision you wish to appeal (including the procedures followed to date)
  • discuss and consider what outcome you would like to achieve and its reasonableness.

Where to get advice

  • A professional Student Advocate - The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) provides an independent advocacy service, the Student Union Advocacy Service (SUAS), funded from revenue generated by the Student Services and Amenities Fee.
  • Other services are also available and can be found on the University's Student Services Finder

What you need for your appeal submission

If you submit an appeal, you must provide:

  • Your name, University email address (or personal email address if you are not a current student) and contact telephone (mobile) number. If you are a current student all correspondence will only be sent to your University allocated email address.
  • Your student number (or indicate if you are a prospective or former student)
  • An indication of whether or not you have received independent advice about your appeal
  • The type of appeal you are submitting
  • The original notice of the decision (email/letter) that you are appealing
  • The history of the decision and your attempts to resolve it
  • Any documentation you are relying on to support your appeal.

You will be asked to upload/submit any supporting documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: You must provide a copy of the decision you are appealing (the original email or letter that details the decision from the decision maker) for your appeal to be considered.

What happens after submission?

You may withdraw the appeal at any time during the appeal process by emailing or through the Case Management Portal and asking for the appeal to be withdrawn. Once an appeal has been withdrawn it cannot be 'reactivated', however, it may be resubmitted as a new appeal if it is resubmitted within the 20 day time limit from the decision being appealed.

  1. Once your appeal is submitted, you will receive a case number in an automated email confirming receipt of your appeal (if submitting via the Case Management Portal which is the preferred submission method).
  2. The appeal will be considered by the Academic Secretary.
  3. Within 15 business days from the date of submission the Academic Secretary will notify you in writing of their decision to allow or disallow your the appeal.
  4. If your appeal is allowed you will receive notification of the time, date and venue of the appeal hearing.
  5. If your appeal is disallowed you will be given reasons for that decision. Where an appeal is disallowed if there is further information supporting the grounds of your appeal not already submitted, you may, within five (5) University business days from the date of the disallowed appeal outcome letter, submit the further information. Information received within the five (5) University business days will be considered. Please list the grounds for submitting the further information in support your appeal and summarise the basis for each ground. List your appeal case number, name, University email address (or personal email address if you are not a current student), and your student number (if you are a current or former student). If no further information is provided within five (5) University business days, the appeal will be closed, without notice.
  6. If your appeal is heard, you will be invited to bring a support person with you to the hearing. That person cannot be a legal practitioner.
  7. If your appeal is heard, the Academic Secretary will provide a written outcome within 5 business days of the hearing.


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Begin the application

If you have read the information on this page and you are ready to submit your appeal, please select the link to the online form below. You can deliver appeals to the ground floor of the Raymond Priestley Building, at the security desk (your submission will be placed in a Letterbox in the security office).

Once your appeal is submitted through the online form, you will receive an email confirmation of the receipt of the appeal, with your case number and a link to the case management portal where you can track your case.