Academic integrity

We want to ensure our students understand the importance of academic integrity and that plagiarism, collusion, and cheating in exams or on assignments are unacceptable.

Ensuring academic integrity is vital to protecting the standards and esteem of the University of Melbourne’s degrees. Every student has an interest in protecting and supporting the good reputation of the University.

Personal honesty and integrity

It has been said that the true test of character is what someone does when nobody is watching them.  Academic integrity is a foundational part of the formation of our graduates as professionals and citizens. It underpinning their behaviour in the workplace, and reflects on their honesty and integrity in all aspects of life.


Students who are proven to have cheated on a University assignment or examination face penalties that range from a written reprimand or failing the subject in question, to termination of their enrolment.

Combatting cheating

The University has been taking various measures to combat cheating and plagiarism. We recently launched a website and training materials to raise students’ awareness of these issues.

To tackle assignment contract cheating, the University recently completed a small trial of the Cadmus assessment system, which is a controlled authoring environment for students to prepare assignments that was initially developed at the University. In addition, we have formed a working group dedicated to the monitoring of all aspects of academic integrity and the elimination of cheating.

Academic integrity at the University of Melbourne