Assessment and feedback

Effective and meaningful assessment methodologies, and feedback to students on individual assessment pieces, are intrinsic to contemporary pedagogy. Authentic assessment that helps students engage with course material and significant concepts will lead to long-term knowledge and skill retention and avoid rote-learning aimed purely at grade attainment.

Teachers need to understand what a student has learned, what skills they have (and haven’t) mastered, and what gaps remain in their knowledge and its application within the specific domain. Students also expect to know how they are progressing against the learning objectives within the subjects they are studying, and what they can do to improve their performance.

The University is working with staff and students to support innovations and improvements to current practice that lead to better learning outcomes.

Initiatives in digital feedback and assessment

The University has an active program of innovation aimed at improving assessment validity, reliability, authenticity and feedback to enhance usefulness to our students in their learning. Central to this objective is the analysis and testing of a range of digital assessment tools and methodologies, many of which include improved provision of feedback.

The University is currently trialling or exploring the following initiatives and platforms:

Cadmus Assessment System

ExamSoft System

An Android tablet-based multiple-choice question platform

Development of paper-based personalised exams including full digital workflow

Utilisation of feedback capabilities within our LMS and our other enterprise learning support tools

Development of a full digital in-place exam solution