FlexAP project

The Flexible Academic Programming (FlexAP) project began in mid-2015 and has been a significant whole-of-University endeavour to consider the challenges we face in designing and delivering the highest quality teaching and learning experiences for both students and staff in the 21st century.

The three overarching aims of the project are to:

Enhance the quality

of teaching, learning and assessment, and the broader student experience at the University.

Provide more flexible study options

and choice for different segments of the student body.

Make more effective and efficient use

of the University's infrastructure and resources throughout the entire calendar year.

The initial work of the FlexAP project was organised into eight workstreams. While each workstream constitutes a separate project, there are considerable overlap and dependencies between them.

Flexible Academic Programming chart

A summary report was published in late 2017, in which the eight workstreams provided their recommendations for addressing the University's main challenges, namely – to provide students with more flexible, high quality educational opportunities that are consistent with the core educational values and mission of the University.